Monday, July 20, 2015

Transportation and Special Education

Transportation by a school district for your special education child is, many times, a large point of contention. Many times parents want their child transported to school from home simply due to being qualified for special education services. Unfortunately, this is not what is required by law.

The law states that a child is entitled to transportation services by a school district if they necessitate those services to receive a free and appropriate public education (FAPE). That is convoluted, but more specifically, the question is: Can your child access their educational services without transportation?

The law states that a child is entitled to transportation in the event that their personal safety requires such, or in the event that their offered placement is a significant distance from their home. Many times, school districts will offer school to school transportation, where a parent transports the child to their home school, and the school district then transports to and from that location. In other, more significant situations, the school district might have to arrange special transportation for a specific student due to their severe needs.

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