Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Educational Records

One of the best ways to determine appropriate progress (or inappropriate progress) for your child is to review their educational records. I advise all my clients to purchase a three ring binder and organize all of their child's educational records in chronological order for easy review and organization.

The reason for this structure is simple. Any person that has ever attended an IEP meeting knows that, at the very best, the school district in question is looking at your child's IEP from the year prior and their current offer. They are not viewing your child in terms of the entirety of their academic career. However, in order to truly know an ineffective or effective program for a child, review of more than one year's school records is frequently necessary.

More times than I can count, parents have said to me "I know that my child is not performing appropriately, but the school district says they are making progress toward their goals." With the child's entire file at your fingertips, you have information to support your contention. All you have to do is make the request, and the school district has to provide those records to you within 5 days.

The Economou Law Group offers free records review and parent consultation, and will make that request on your behalf, along with organization and review of scholastic records for any and all legal issues. Call today at (626) 765-9607 for your consultation!

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